Mishawaka Runners

Assassination Nation I

After laying low for a few months the team gets a call from Tori. He has a Johnson that wants to meet at Cuppa Joe’s bakery and beanery in Tacoma to discuss a smple B & E with some data retrieval. The key phrase is a tall Regular Joe w/ a cheese danish.

Upon arriving the team is shown to a table and the propiater sets down a coffee pot and an extra napkin holder (privacy shield). After a minute (and a darn good cup of coffee) a guy that practically screamed new Mr. Johnson walked in and conferred with the dwarf behind the counter and then made his way over to us.

The team practically had to walk him through how an initial meet want, and then after he was settled down we got to business.

It seems that the DA David Beatty has some case files at his house on a secure data system and that some very important people would like the evidence to go away within the next 34 hrs. Since this is the DA’s residence the team negotiates the rate up to 14k. And the Johnson supplies a gate code for the community.

The team finishes their coffee and danish’s they get to work doing leg work on the gated community, David Beatty, his wife, and what their schedules are like.



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