Mishawaka Runners

Assassination Nation II-III

Getting In and Getting Out

The team broke into DA David Beatty’s house only to find him dead in his office from a gunshot wound and Knight Errant on their way to the scene. Making a quick escape, they went into hiding before being contacted by Athena Tatopoulos. She showed them clearly faked footage of themselves taking out the DA and the head of Project Freedom (a political action group behind Proposition 23), among other individuals in the district attorney’s office. She also directed the team towards Leonard Freemont, a clerk in the DA’s office with a gambling debt to the mob who just happened to be their most recent Johnson.

They ran into Mr. Freemont at a Redmond area brothel that he frequented, and managed to start coaxing information out of him just before an unidentified street sam took him out from across the street with an assault cannon in a pickup truck. After a brief firefight with some mob-allied Skraacha, Knight Errant arrived, and Tosh Athack carted the team off, except for Artiste, who has ducked into an alley with the nearly-dead street sam from before.

Athack revealed that A.D.A. Dana Oaks had secretly survived the attacks against the DA’s office, and proceeded to personally confirm with attack survivors that the runners weren’t responsible. The parties involved then proceeded to help the team tie together the information they had uncovered thus far, and find a source for what was going on: a known technomancer terrorist going by the alias Anarchy. With his main enforcer out of commission, the runners quickly took out Anarchy and turned down any bounty on him, clearing their names in the process.

Everyone received 1,000 Y (each) as payment from Athena Tatopoulos.

Everyone received 3,000 Y (each) as a surprise deposit from Anarchy after his capture.

All characters get 8 Karma.
Everyone gets 1 Street Cred for clearing their names.

(I have noted Karma/Street Cred gains on your character pages.)

The runners also gain the following contacts at Loyalty 1 (+1 Loyalty if they previously had this contact, max Loyalty 4):
Tosh Athack
Athena Tatopoulos



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