Mishawaka Runners

Brothers United II

This Place Crawls

Utilizing control magic and a machine gun-equipped drone, the team was able to take out the roach spirits before being wiped out (but not before Frank was knocked unconscious and Artiste fell to gunshot wounds). Tasking their local Crimson Crush contacts with watching the former Universal Brotherhood structure, the team split up to prepare for a further exploration.

Artiste and Rose headed to Doc Rockett’s clinic for some street-grade trauma care (and expired canine painkillers), while everyone else went back to the Underground to give King Willy an update and see if he could provide any assistance. It turned out that the Johnson had a history with insect spirits, and case full of capsule rounds and a few ink grenades all loaded with KE IV in case he ran into some again.

Ambulatory and heavily armed, the runners returned to the scene (there had been no activity at the orphanage as expected). Moving into the building, they found no more spirits, but an ominous hole in the basement. Climbing down, they entered a long earthen tunnel under the metroplex, with large side chambers irregularly spaced. This ultimately led to a massive chamber, filled with ant spirits, a human spellcaster (an insect shaman, one would assume), and three acolytes behind a barrier performing a ritual with some sort of artifact and Katarina’s younger sister.

Dispatching the guards, Shifter used a CS gas grenade to take one of acolytes out of the ritual. This interruption appeared to have a fatal effect on the trio, their spirits ripped from their bodies to somewhere on the deep astral. Returning the girl to her family, the team then met with Willy to report the good news. (Some of the team also graciously refused to accept his payment for the run.) The ork talismonger left the insect tradition relic with them to sell as they would (which they did, to Laurent Nazaire, who is quickly becoming their go-to contact for selling magical items).

Everyone received 5,000 Y (each) as payment from King Willy (if they accepted it).

Everyone also received 6,250 Y (each) in exchange for the relic from the Atlantean Foundation.

All characters get 5 Karma.
Everyone gets 1 Street Cred for stopping the insect shaman ritual.

(I have noted Karma/Street Cred gains on your character pages.)

The runners also gain the following contacts at Loyalty 1 (+1 Loyalty if they previously had this contact, max Loyalty 4):
King Willy
Laurent Nazaire



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