Mishawaka Runners

Election Day

The team was woken up early the day before the historic Proposition 23 vote with a job offer: a Johnson with a day job as a city clerk hired them to start a riot in front of a Downtown polling station later that morning. With opposing protests going on either side of the street, this required just a small liberal application of Kamikaze by dermal patches to complete.

However, the riot seemed to interrupt a meeting between Edmund Jefferies (Governor Brackhaven’s Press Secretary) and Tia Viamonte (a Knight Errant officer). As the pair fled, the team picked up a briefcase they left behind to find a datachip all set to rig the election and leave evidence behind to frame Mothers of Metahumans (and You Know Who) and a counterfeit commlink stolen from police evidence lockup. Apparently, this is one of several commlinks that went “missing” together, and others have been associated with several individuals starting things up with the Ork Underground lately (like the bomber team and the copycat cutter), per Tosh.

After threatening and bargaining from Jefferies to get his briefcase back and a threat from Joe Martin to use footage of the team instigating the riot against them unless he was given an exclusive (spoiler: he wasn’t), the team received a second offer from their earlier Johnson to hunt down and smear his reputation. They wisely decided to hand over the data they’d been given directly to A.D.A. Dana Oaks by way of Tosh. (As they discovered later, the call had been spoofed by someone, the Johnson had died just after their first meeting, when his apartment caught on fire and his unit was the only one in the complex whose fire control systems malfunctioned.

The vote went as scheduled, and the Metroplex awaits the results.

Everyone received 3,000 nuyen (each) for the riot job.

Everyone received 30,000 nuyen (total, 5,000 each) for turning a copy of the information over to Athena Tatopoulos as an exclusive.

Everyone received 6,000 nuyen (each) from the DA’s office as a reward for turning over the evidence to them.

All characters get 7 Karma.
Everyone gets 2 Notoriety for turning a riot into a bloodbath with berserker combat drugs, and Martin massages the evidence for all its worth (see below).
Everyone gets 2 Public Awareness as NewsNet runs their faces daily for the next week (during their “Splatterhouse on Spring Street” special coverage).

(I have noted Karma/Street Cred gains on your character pages.)

The runners also gain the following contacts at Loyalty 1 (+1 Loyalty if they previously had this contact, max Loyalty 4):
A.D.A. Dana Oaks
Tosh Athack
Athena Tatopoulos



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