Mishawaka Runners

Extraction (Part 2)

As planned, the runners met with Moreau. After a slightly confused exchange, the team left the restaurant with a slightly better offer than that given to them by the Atlantean Foundation. They also had plans to meet a different individual at Kobe Terrace Park the following day.

With the park heating up for the afternoon, the two parties met for the exchange: Parker for the cash. Before the trade-off could be made, Knight Errant forces surged out of hiding and take all parties captive. The officers were heavily armed and showed no concern about opening fire on anyone who did not immediately surrender. As they fled for their lives, the team noticed a well-equipped Horizon security vehicle just outside of the engagement area. (Secretly directing the operation, or waiting to swoop in if necessary?)

Following their narrow escape, the runners sat their captive down and began interrogating him about what, exactly, was happening. Parker resisted but eventually (and proudly) explained the situation. He had no interest in becoming a Horizon employee, but had actually gone through the new hire process for a chance to take detailed copies of an arcane tome: the Thaljun Cordex, which Horizon possessed the only known copy of, using his masterfully concealed Delta Grade cybereyes and internal commlink. The Scion was actually Parker’s Matrix icon, meaning that he had engineered his own extraction. Since then, he had been contacting various interested parties, attempting to negotiate a sale of the data in his possession and his own hiring.

A new message then arrived from Moreau, informing the team that he was ready to attempt a secondary exchange at The Daisy Motel in the Redmond Barrens the following day. This next attempt was interrupted by the arrival of Lin Yao Chang and his assistant. Lin first offered a credstick loaded with 100,000 Y in trade for Parker Acson. After his offer was denied, he revealed the treachery in his offer by tossing a grenade under the team’s van and closing with (and quickly dispatching) Rose. As Giles used a levitation spell to take care of Lin’s assistant (ending in a satisfying splat), Frank subdued the man himself.

Moreau‘s arrival signaled the start of a quick trade, Parker for the money. After the trade off, the runners left, taking both their (now more damaged) van and Lin’s black sedan. As they made their way out of the Barrens, those looking back could see Moreau and his troll backup quickly and neatly remove Acson’s head and place it in a storage container.

The following morning, everyone received a brief anonymous message on their commlinks:

“I am impressed with your skills and your tenacity. Here is a commlink number for Lin Yao Chang. I have instructed him to aid you as he can in your future endeavors.”

This was followed a few days later by a message of thanks from Moreau, with an additional 1,000 Y money transfer as a reward for getting the data to him despite the police assault.

Everyone received 11,000 Y (each) as payment from the Draco Foundation

All characters get 8 Karma (for both sessions together)
Everyone gets 2 Street Cred (1 for the extraction, 1 for surviving the two ambushes.)
Everyone gets 1 Public Awareness for not disguising themselves during the extraction

(I have noted Karma/Street Cred gains on your character pages.)

The runners also gain the following contacts at Loyalty 1 (+1 Loyalty if they previously had this contact):
Lin Yao Chang



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