Mishawaka Runners

What's Up Doc? I

Paying an Old Friend a Visit

Late in the week, Artiste is informed (by clandestine means) that Dr. Clarence Yvers has been terminated from his current position at Velemenes Advanced Biotech (a shady minor Ares subsidiary in the Seattle area), and will be transferred on Sunday to Leywan-Kyne Engineering (an even shadier Ares subsidiary) in Everett. After contacting the other runners, the team begins to equip and plan for a personally-initiated extraction of the Doctor.

By Sunday afternoon, the team is waiting outside Velemenes for the security team to arrive and transfer Yvers. Following behind what appears to be at least six Ares security representatives, split between a limo and chase car, Shifter begins to hack into the vehicles’ nodes as El Basilisco tails them, trying to remain inconspicuous. Running short of time, Shifter tries to force his way into the limo’s system, and the intrusion is detected. As he is attacked by the security team’s hacker, the technomancer sets a sprite loose on the chase car’s system, causing it to almost loose control before its occupants forcibly reset the system.

The runners, realizing that the element of surprise has been lost, advance up and make an opening in the rear window of the limo. Meanwhile, a previously unnoticed icon attacks Shifter (who is still evading strikes from the security hacker), and the awakened on the crew notice a foreboding aura enveloping everything within a few meters of a van that appears to be tailing behind the three vehicles, keeping its distance.

Everyone was awarded 2 Karma for this session (I have updated character pages, as well).



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