Mishawaka Runners

What's Up Doc? II

The Street Fighters

Following from the previous session, the capture was completed successfully, but not cleanly. Yver’s limo was rolled, and the chase vehicle took heavy damage from Frank drop-kicking the windshield at speed. The trailing van had apparently been carrying a cybered heavy with slightly outdated ‘ware, who succeeded in taking out most of the conscious runners (and Basil’s passenger-rear tire with a combination of reactive camouflage, spurs, and an assault cannon before being brought down. After swapping tires with the chase SUV and get everyone upright again (with a brief inspection of the high-grade medical and ritual gear in the van that had been tailing the group), the team was ready to be on the move, with their quarry in tow.

No karma award for this session, as we’ll be wrapping things up at the next game.



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