Mishawaka Runners

What's Up Doc? III

After Dr. Yvers was secured, the panel van pilot was slaved to Basil so we could drive both back into Seattle Downtown. Artiste advised Shifter to wipe all the commlink’s in the area clean of incriminating info. She knew that there wasn’t much that they would be able to do about any physical evidence, nor the astral signature of the massive fear spell that Giles hit the previous driver of the panel van with.

After surreptitiously taking a few photo’s of the (hopefully) dead street-sam for future research. The team headed back into Downtown aiming to get the Doc under wraps till they could find a person with liquid assets that would be interested in having a talk with him. To that effect Artiste called McCallister about finding a safehouse in the Underground that they could use for a few hours.

After parking the still unconscious Doc in the abandoned store front and with Artiste, Frank, Rose & Shifter physically guarding him & Basil providing over-watch from his SUV, Giles gave Noel (the suspected vampire that had previously dealing with Yvers) to see if she might be interested in having another get-together with him. She indicated in the positive and gave us an address of an abandoned apt. building in Holloweener territory to meet at in three hours time.

After taking a small amount of time to recuperate in the Underground, the team made their way to the meet-up. With only one minor run-in with the local Holloweener’s gathering the road tolls (35¥ was paid) the team arrived in the vicinity of meet. While the SUV and most of the team waited at a local Stuffer Shack a block over Artiste and Giles made their way to the apt. building.

The Holloweener door guards admits them into the foyer, after piercing their eardrums with a very high pitched voice. Confirming that Noel is there, and is definitely interested in interviewing Yvers, Giles negotiates a 50k price (8333¥ per runner) for the doc. The rest of the team ushers the Doc into the foyer, dropping him on the table. They depart after receiving the agreed upon amount.

Since everyone was flush with cash the medical contents of the panel van were “donated” to Doc Rocket so that next time they need patched up they would have adequte equipment.



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