Elisha "Artiste" Berns

Female troll street sam (ranged)


Current Karma 18

Total Karma 136

Street Cred 24 (+2 dice, limited by ability)

Notoriety 2

Public Awareness 10

Age: 26

Notable characteristics: Likes to paint (typically watercolors from still images she has seen), tougher than average (for a troll), heals well, a very in-depth data search will reveal a contract out on her alive or dead (emphasis on dead) from a manager in Ares


Early Years…

Elisha was born to human parents that were wage slaves to Ares Macrotechnology (Seattle Region). She got the usual schooling in the “free” Ares corporate sponsored schools. She was one of the few that still occasionally goblinized at puberty, and while this created a strain on her relationship with her family, it was largely resolved by late teens and she had a normal familial relationship with her parents and two siblings (older brother, younger sister both human). As she continued her schooling Ares was increasing the subtle but undeniable pressure to enroll in the Security Forces technical schools, which she eventually gave into rather than attempting to continue her interest in the arts.

Technical school and early corp life…

She did moderately well in the technical school, and was hired by Ares on the ground level of the security for primarily backup support. As the next few years progressed she worked her way up the corporate ladder eventually working her way off of the Knight Errant building based security arm and into the High Threat back-up squads, she believed that she had a chance at eventually obtaining rank in the FireWatch Division.

Recent events leading to her Shadow career…

While in her first year in the squad her squad was called in as backup for one of FireWatch’s response calls to an Ares heavy weapons research facility. When they arrived they received updated an situation report that called for them to enter the facility behind the original team that was already in the inside. She was never able to quite figure out all that happened after that but she was able to reconstruct the following actions with the help of a Ares secretary she had cultivated a friendship with.

  • Her team had been sent in as a ploy by another manager in the corporation to attempt to damage the promotion of another mid level manager.
  • FireWatch had actually been alerted AFTER they entered the building
  • Her and her squad were mistaken for the original shadow team (if there was one at all) and all but slaughtered in the firefight
  • She was never totally clear on how she ended up escaping, her memories of what happened are vague and inconsistent, she was labeled with PTSD by a street doc

The next thing she knows she remembers is recovering several days later in a free clinic in the Redmond Barrens. When she contacted her family, they all but shunned her for being involved in an attempt to steal from the corporation that had housed and clothed them all these years. But she did find out from them and her secretary contact that her and the remaining squad were wanted for questioning involving the “incident”. Her immediate supervisor and his manager were in custody for attempted corporate espionage. Her secretary friend put out some feelers and gathered from the corp grapevine that it appeared that she was being setup to take the fall for some nasty corporate in-fighting. Her parents had been put on a “questionable corporate loyalty” list and possibly would never be promoted again (if they weren’t edged out of the corporation within the next few years). And what appeared to be her only friend left in the world found out that there was a bounty placed on her head by the manager that had set her up as the fall guy (or girl in her case). Since she knew that the only people that would be wanting to collect on the contract would have few compunctions about using her family to get to her, she disappeared into the Seattle underground as the best option out of the many unpalatable ones available to her.

Current life

She gets by day to day, taking the odd job here and there to get by. Bitter about losing her family ties. And searching and hoping that one day the information she has been gathering will allow her to clear her name and be reunited with her family and live a normal life instead of constantly keeping a look over her shoulder. She still has her skills and cyberware that was part of her contract with Ares, but had no compunction about contacting a hacker and forking over the nuyen to have all identification in her cyber wiped so she couldn’t be tracked down in that fashion. She can’t do anything about her original corporation records, yet…

Elisha "Artiste" Berns

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