This man of average height gives of an aura of aprochablity, but the closer you get the more you feel put on guard.


Karma 99

Total Karma 110

Street Cred 24

Notoriety 3

Public Awareness 13

Phsy Adept/Face

Having decided that Chicago just wasn’t Franks town he made his way over to Seattle. Starting of with showing his fighting skills in the underground fighting arenas he slowly grew his reputation enough to be brought in shadow running. It was during these runs that he really became know for his fast tongue more than his fast fist. Slowly over the course of a year he joined a runners group nurtured contacts and became known. This infamy caught up with him at the last job he did and had to lay low for a while. While the heat wore down he tried to change his look by shaving his head and learning to apply makeup but wasn’t that successful. Just maybe now after close to six months of laying low its time to start running again and making some serious neyen.


Mishawaka Runners Sinlach